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Analysis of advertising of a product of great consumption: Coca-Cola

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  1. Introduction
  2. The identity of the four giant DE BEERS
  3. The diamond pipeline
  4. The different diamond industries
    1. The gross diamond industry
    2. The jewelry industry
  5. The life cycle
  6. Competitive forces
  7. Developments and various strategic scenarios
    1. Possible developments in the diamond market
    2. The future of the rough diamond market
    3. The future of the jewelry market
    4. Diamond mining industry
    5. Possible strategies for De Beers
  8. Conclusion

The Coca Cola campaign with the tagline: "Take the Coke Side of Life", that took shape in November ? December 2006 is studied here. This campaign is based on a fairytale world, with a multitude of fantasy characters, and invites consumers to take a look at the good side of things.

It shows a young man putting a coin into a Coca-Cola vending machine and instead of dispensing a drink; he is whisked away into the dispenser.

The incredible world of Coca-Cola revolves around the famous bottle which is the theme of this campaign. The campaign shows that Coca-Cola is moving towards a dynamic brand

Tags: advertising, Coca-Cola, fairytale campaign

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