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XMMX design

  1. Introduction
  2. Observation report
    1. Organizational analysis
    2. XMMX design
  3. Management structure
  4. Design
  5. Technical report
    1. Technical activity of the trainee XMMX design
  6. Context of the mission
  7. Mission progress
  8. Conclusion

XMMX Design is a private limited company (Ltd.) with a capital of €10 000, whose personnel have offices in the three following cities:
-Angers, where the company headquarters are located,
-Paris, where the two founder members’ customers are received,
-Strasbourg, from where works one of the company’s salesmen.XMMX design’s main goal foremost is to fulfill and meet its customers’ needs quickly, in a professional and effective way.

The company’s main strengths, which are detailed in the appendix 1, represent the main reason of its rapid growth in a short period of time.

The website visitors are invited to fill a « request for an estimate » form which will then be treated in the shortest possible time frame (less than 48 working hours) by one of the group saleswomen.
The products and services offered by XMMX Design are contained in the table in appendix 2.

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