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Creating a logo for BMW

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The process involved in creating a logo is more difficult that it would appear. Even if the image at the end is simple, it is the result of a long creative process that involves several distinct steps.

What is a logo?

First we must understand what a logo is - a logo or logotype is a drawing that illustrates the identity of a brand, company, organization or association. It is a visual identification that needs to be unique and stand out from those of its competition.
In order for a logo to be popular and successful, it has to meet the following criteria:
? Must not resemble a logo that already exists, it must be unique.
? It must be easily recognizable.
? It must be easy to remember
? It must work on the levels of both duotone and color.
? It must have an impact on the viewer regardless of its size.
? It must be represent the values of the brand.
? It must respect the basic principles of design (of space, color, shape, consistency and clarity).

The main steps involved in creating a logo

Step 1: Definition of specifications

- Corporate identity:

The corporate identity of a brand includes:

Name: In this case BMW which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. This name was created based on the names of the two companies that merged to give birth to this brand. The original name was Rapp Motoren-werke.

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