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Aristocracy of ancient Greece

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Between the ninth and eighth centuries, there was a decline of the power of the monarchy in favor of the oligarchy in the Hellenic world. People believed that this was "the best government"

This aristocratic regime emerged in very different places. However, there were some features that were common to all cities and these were the institutions and the reactions that have arisen to this form of power.

The Aristocratic power:
In the Aristocratic form of government, power was concentrated in the hands of a few families.

The King gradually lost his old prerogatives and the aristocracy 'took control'.

In most cases, royalty did not disappear but just lost its political power. For example, The kings of Crete were eliminated from the Archaic period in Athens. In Sparta, there was not one but two kings who retained the many privileges. However, the reality of their power depended on their success as kings.

Tags - oligarchy, power, Ancient Greece, aristocracy

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