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Colonial prostitution in North Africa

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  1. The tyranny form of government
    1. The concept of power
    2. The tyrant, the sole holder of power
  2. Tyranny, a controversial and transient system
    1. A controversial system
    2. A transient regime

The ideology of colonialism was growing in the middle of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. French colonization was symbolized by a civilizing mission, which hid the strategic course, including the looting of raw materials, new opportunities for the industry, ensuring an opening with respect to the commercial metropolis, and the constitution or improvement of maritime and military positions. How did the women get past the traditional male domination of colonial rule, to adapt to the establishment of a colonial sex market? What did they do to maintain a strong link with their home society, while remaining traditional Europeans? Can their unique position as a bridge between the "natives" and Europeans, help overcome the prejudices that we have about colonial society?

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