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English society as depicted in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews

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  1. Introduction
  2. Part- I: Fielding's Joseph Andrews as a critic of the praise of appearances and illusion
  3. Part -II: Society as a theatre where individuality, selfishness and corruption take place
  4. Part - III: Characteristic of society as a real praise of justice
  5. Conclusion

Henry Fielding published Joseph Andrews in 1742, one year after his Shamela, a harsh parody of Richardson's Pamela. The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews, and his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams is supposed to be an elaborated parody of Pamela, but it turns out to be a real description of society of the time and develops a theory of the ?novel'. Then, we can see it as a testimony of society through Henry Fielding. To understand to the extent of Henry Fielding's description of his time relates to the mentality of the people in the eighteenth century.

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