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A sociology of international relations, by Raymond Aron

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the greenhouse effect?
  3. The determining factors
  4. The heat wave in summers, is it actually due to the greenhouse effect?
  5. Will this phenomenon happen again?
  6. Conclusion

The discipline of international relations, whose origins date back to 1919, was created when the first chair in international relations in Wales, was treated in a special way in France. This was primarily for the historians who write in this area. We are witnessing the lack of studies conducted by specialists in international relations. Realistic flows from the United States do not influence or interest French intellectuals. They are suspicious of any attempt to generalize, and reject a theory of interstate relations. A general theory of international relations would be difficult or even impossible to develop. In such a context, it is the attempt of a sociological analysis conducted by Raymond Aron (1905-1983) that will gradually establish the specificity in French.

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