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Captains of the clouds

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  1. Presentation of the job
    1. Short historic
    2. Definition
  2. Education
    1. The air officer corps education
    2. The EOPN education
    3. Recruitment on qualifications
  3. The job of a fighter pilot
    1. More than a job, a vocation
    2. The missions
    3. The working conditions
    4. Salary, evolution and reconversion

The job of a fighter pilot has always made people dream and is always presented as a perfect job. We all know how intelligent and strong are the fighter pilots but we never talk about the drawbacks, we are never shown the other side of this job. The aim of this project is to learn more about the work of a fighter pilot and reorganize what we already know. In other words, we are going to talk about the advantages and the drawbacks of this job, as well as the working conditions. This report also presents the qualities and studies required to be able to carry out the missions fighter pilots are given. However, another purpose of this project is to immerse ourselves in the military world which is far different from civil life.

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