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Does the notion of 'Rogue states' make sense?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The notion of outlaw states
    1. The issue of arms possession
    2. Biological /chemical / nuclear weapons
    3. Refusal of international law and UN controls
  3. Destabilizing attitude
    1. Commitment to terrorism
    2. Wills of subversion and expansion
  4. Rogue states as means to end
    1. Unilateral definition of 'rogues'
    2. Changing criteria
    3. Demonizing leaders
  5. Role played by 'rogues' in American foreign and domestic policy
    1. Rogue states and military budget after 1991
    2. Post September 11 situation
  6. Conclusion

According to George Bush's declaration in his state of the union speech to Congress on January 29th, an axis of evil threatens the peace of the world reminds us of Reagan's description of the USSR as an evil empire. In this speech, he clearly pointed a finger directly at three countries (Iraq, North Korea and Iran) which he accuses of arming themselves with weapons of mass destruction and forming an axis of evil similar to which Reagan had addressed. After 1991 and the collapse of the USSR, US foreign policy became increasingly concerned with regard to regional conflicts and promoting regional stability.

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