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Copying in photography

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  1. Introduction
  2. The approach
  3. Illumination
  4. The lens
  5. Difficult originals
  6. Conclusion

Copying in Photography means faithful reproduction of an original document or picture by photographic means. The original can be a printed matter, handwritten document, drawings or continuous-tone originals like photographs, charts, engravings, paintings etc. This aspect of photography is not creative but purely technical in application and it does pose certain problems related to optics, lighting and processing. The main idea is to produce a photographic print or a slide which can be used instead of the original, either because the original is too delicate or too large.

[...] An accurate and correct exposure in this branch of photography is all important simply because if the original is not correctly exposed, then a faithful and accurate reproduction will not be possible. Photographers like to bracket exposures so that the best one can be chosen. One should always play safe and bracket exposures generously. Difficult Originals When copying has to be carried out on location, some unforeseen difficulties can arise. For example, windows behind the camera may reflect in the coating of the painting. [...]

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