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What are the determinants of social class in Britain at the beginning of the new millennium?

  1. Manual workers. The 'new working class': the working class is still a distinct class, but with altered characteristics
  2. Alterations in the middle class structure have led sociologists to different conceptions of the middle class
  3. The upper-class is a small part of the population, which has great economic, political and social power in Britain

Most surveys depict that the majority of British people recognize the existence of social classes and categorize themselves into one such class. The word ?class' describes "broad groupings within a national population that are seen as forming a set of layers" (R. Crompton, 2000, p.1). A person's social class reflects "wealth, income, education, status and power". Generally, sociologists use the occupational structure to define a social class. Marxists stress more on the relationship with ownership and production. Nevertheless, in British sociology, the current dominant way of measuring class is ?Weberian' and is primarily based on occupation. This essay discuss the markers of class membership today in Britain and three distinguishable social classes that can be defined by different features, such as occupation.

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