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Fractals In African and Indian Architecture

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  1. Introduction
  2. Temples such as the Prambanan temple complex
  3. Looking at a two-dimensional type of fractal function
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

In 1977, a mathematical pattern received its name as Benoit Mandelbrot proclaimed that he "coined [the term] fractal from the Latin adjective fractus. The corresponding Latin verb frangere means to break to create irregular fragments. It is therefore sensible and how appropriate for our needs! - that, in addition to fragmented, fractus should also mean irregular, both meanings being preserved in fragment." Although fractals only became known as fractals in 1977, they have always existed in natural forms. Fractals have been observed in all self-organizing natural forms from ferns and shells, to mountains and shorelines.

[...] While some African architectural layouts reveal fractal structure use due to cultural dynamics, Indian architecture reveals fractal structure partially due to Hindu religious dynamics. There are many temples such as the Prambanan temple complex, which have a central tower structure which is then surrounded by similar smaller towers for eight or more iterations. It is speculated that these cases the proliferation of towers represents various aspects of the Hindu pantheon.? As the pantheon of Hindu deities and gods is vast, the growth of power and stemming of incarnations is possibly represented by the repetitive rising of similar towers. [...]

[...] In this law, the function of a fractal can be expressed as: f = f + where n stands for the coordinates of a point which include an imaginary number and c is a complex number complex number means a number that contains an imaginary number. An imaginary number is a multiple of a constant whose square equals There are different functions to describe different sets or resulting fractal patterns. These functions can become incredibly complicated, but they all have the same basis in the law of recursion. [...]

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