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The wine storehouses in Spain

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In this paper we will talk about a winery that is located in Rioja, a place that is known for the production of wine. This region lies south of the Basque Country. The winery was designed by an architect called Santiago Calatrava Valls in 2001.

The Architect:
Santiago Calatrava Valls was born in 1951. He is well known the world over as an architect, artist and engineer. He graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich where he studied architecture, urban planning and training in civil engineering.

He obtained his first major project in 1984 when he was commissioned to design the Bach de Roda Bridge. He went on to design many other notable bridges such as the Alamillo Bridge, Campo Volantin Footbridge in Bilbao and the Alameda Bridge and Station Metro Valencia. These earned him an incredible reputation that spread worldwide.

Tags - Santiago Calatrava Valls, winery, Rioja, Spain

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