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The Ethical Issues Surrounding the Compensation of Architects

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Ethical Issues Impacting Architects.
  3. The joint study of architecture and ethics.
  4. Other issues that must be taken into consideration in the context of architectural design.
  5. Architects, Ethics and Compensation.
  6. Conclusion.

Over the course of the last decade, organizations in the United States have been faced with balancing financial needs and ethical considerations. In many cases, organizations must consider what practices can be utilized to help maintain a healthy ethical climate in the organization while still enabling the business to remain highly profitable. Increasing pressure from stockholders in the organization can serve as the impetus for leaders of the organization to choose profit-making schemes over ethical considerations. This is an issue that is well illustrated in the cases of both Enron and WorldCom. With the realization that ethics has become such an important issue for the development of organizations and professionals, there is a clear impetus to consider the specific techniques or tools that can be used to keep business ethics commensurate with economic growth and profit. Using this as a basis for investigation, this research considers an examination of what it means to practice architecture ethically. Specifically, this investigation examines the particular services that should be provided by the architect and how much profit the professional should garner for his or her services.

[...] As noted earlier, ?Since they affect ways of life and corresponding values, determining which decision is appropriate in all such cases is clearly an ethical problem.?[21] With this in mind, it is clear that ethical issues in architecture must be addressed in terms of compensation because of the impact that architecture has on society as a collective whole. Using this as a basis for developing a specific plan for compensation for architects, it seems reasonable to argue that architects should be paid a base salary for their services. [...]

[...] the current literature suggests that there are a myriad of ethical issues which impact the development of the professional. As such, it is important to consider a wide range of ethical issues that can, and do, impact the architect in practice. Reviewing some of the basic ethical considerations that must be addressed by all architects, one author makes the following observations: all agree that an architect is obligated to see to the safety of the occupants of his or her project, whether by assuring egress, avoiding toxic materials, or resisting seismic loads. [...]

[...] ?Corruption: Home and away.? Architecture, (2004): 46. Saxton, Richard. root of all evil, but we want a share.? Building Design (2004): 13 Sorkin, Michael. ?When good architects design band buildings: Beauty trumpsethics.? Architectural Record, 192(8), (2004): 63-64. [1]Michael Sorkin. ?When good architects design band buildings: Beauty trumpsethics.? Architectural Record, 192(8), (2004): 63. [2]Michael Sorkin [3]Michael Sorkin [4]Michael P. Levine. Kristine Miller and William Taylor. ?Introduction: Ethics and architecture.? Philosophical Forum, (2004): 104. [5]Maurice [...]

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