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High-rise buildings

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In the early twentieth century, buildings of ten floors were considered exceptionally high and bore the title of skyscrapers. These tall buildings (IGH) were originally constructed in Chicago where the first skyscraper of the world, the Home Insurance Building, was built (42m). Since then, factors including technological advances and profit motives have allowed these buildings to gain more elevation: currently, the tallest skyscraper in the world is the Taipei Financial Center in China, which is 508 meters high.
The nature of the soil: A skyscraper weighs several hundred thousand tons spread over small area on the ground and foundation of the building must be able to support it.

Small calculation: for a building of 600,000 tons with a floor area of 1500 square meters, the weight per square meter is 400 tons per square meter. And the terrain is essential; the skyscraper must have a strong anchor. If the upper soil layers are not strong enough, foundations can descend to 100 meters deep. But the resilience of the land are often overlooked or overestimated. Thus, in Shanghai, where the soil consists of sandy soil to a great depth, high-rise buildings are victims of an annual subsidence of several centimeters.

Solutions to mitigate this problem are the construction of tall buildings "ultra light" as "buildings and cardboard," the increase in floor space or reducing the height of the building. The latter is obviously the cheaper the price of new materials or m² building is very high.

Tags: Technological advances, Taipei Financial Center, high-rise buildings, the skyscraper

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