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An analysis of "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde

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  1. Analyze of "the importance of being Earnest" in light of Aristotle's six elements of a play
  2. Character
  3. Dialogue and thoughts
  4. Diction
  5. Music

The ?importance of being Earnest' is a play written in an English setting, presenting Jack Worthing as the main protagonist (Wilde act 1). In line with Elinor Fuche's ?visit to a small planet', it is not just enough to plainly go through a play without digging deep into it.

[...] Also, the play begins with Algernon as Jack's best friend, but it ends with him as his younger brother (Wilde act 3). Therefore, Elinor's questions are equally as important as Aristotle's theory when it comes to the critical analysis of a play, as it helps in understanding the ?world' of the play (Fuch paragraph 3). Works Cited Aristotle. Aristotelian elements of a play.? Nd.web.28th October 2014. Elinor Fuch. visit to the small planet.? Nd.web.28th October 2014. <> Oscar Wilde. Importance of being Earnest.? Nd.web.28th October 2014. [...]

[...] This language comprises the arrangement of thoughts into words (Aristotle paragraph 4). The First act of the play clearly displays diction. We see at first Algernon discovering the letter in Jack's cigarette case. At first he does not really speak. But the thoughts in his mind ultimately lead him to speak of his suspicions, and he directly confronts Jack, who then confesses to him. It is therefore seen that the characters in this play develop words from thoughts (Wilde act 1). [...]

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