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The Beatles and the Creative Process

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  1. Introduction
  2. Paul's songwriting
  3. The obvious dominant of the pair
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

From the moment the news of their overnight stardom dawned on John and Paul, both boys were acutely intent on broadening and sharpening their already clever writing styles. Rising from this foundation the two erected a model of working, formed by the seat of their pants as they held on for dear life, praying their rocket ship of stardom didn't crash down into anonymity and ambiguity. Eventually this model matured into various forms, each stage producing wonderful works building upon the educating mistakes and illuminating discoveries of those previous.

Keywords: MacDonald, Love Me Do, John Winston Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr,Richard Starkey Jr, James Paul McCartney

[...] However, the bridge is more horizontal, in tune with John's verbal focus, and the lyrics are too, as they also play a larger role in shaping the feeling of the song than is typical for Paul. Paul, driven by Lennon's obvious success to reprove himself as a capable writer, as well as further hone his craft, chose to expand his musical ability in order to continue their playful but fierce back and forth. Again, now deeper into the Beatles stardom, their actions seem to suggest that MacDonald's theory is very accurate. [...]

[...] These four tracks, along with the Please Please Me album, illustrate a major stroke of change as The Beatles search to mark their place. (MacDonald, 45) ?Love Me and ?P.S. I Love were already written pieces of Paul's when they were given a chance to release a single: ?P.S. I Love was written in 1961, and ?Love Me even earlier in 1958-59. In both of these evidence of Paul's innate musical talent can be seen, but more so in his solo composition ?P.S. [...]

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