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Comparative media analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Context
  3. Rhetoric Analysis
  4. Cultural Analysis
  5. Remediation
  6. Conclusion

This paper is a rhetoric and cultural analysis of different ways of passing on a message using set of objects multiple media. The multiple media will be passing on the same message and the rhetoric and cultural analysis will show the similarity or difference in how the message is perceived in relation to each media. Different media sources can invoke different emotions and understanding of the same message (McLuhan). This is done using different set of objects in the several types of media. There is a difference how a text can relay a message to how an image can relay the same message and this paper will be analyzing the rhetoric devices in each of the media objects. Rhetoric and cultural/critical analysis will emphasize on the study of culture, public discourse and texts, and its analysis processes of the influence to the society in multiple media, including essays, books, mass-mediated, speeches and online public discourse. Different authors in multiple media use texts, videos, films, images and other sets of objects in media in order to express and bring out a message that will be interpreted differently with regard to culture.

One message that has incorporated several sets of objects was the campaign advert of Ron Paul in 2012 when he was campaigning for GOP nomination. He made use of visual aid to pass on a message that would boost his polls in the presidential election. The visual aid made use of texts and video to create an impression in the minds of people. This advert was run on national television in the different media companies. Running the advert using television media achieved a lot compared to media's like newspaper that many do not read in depth but are interested in the overview of the message. Using television to convey the message meant that the message would capture a large audience. In America, 98% of the households own a television set hence airing the advert would lead to lots of views (McDonough).

[...] Reading this paper has equipped you as the reader with the knowledge on how the two set of objects in media influence the perception of the audience using rhetorical devices in the objects and rhetorical appeal as was invented by the Greek. The perception has also been revealed to be dependent on the culture of the audience. Works Cited Bounegru, Liliana. Remediation and Premediation as Medium Specificity in Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin February 2011. Web November 2013. D., John and Bean, John. Writing Arguments. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon Print. Grusin, Richard and Bolter, Jay. [...]

[...] The third rhetoric appeal is ethos. This is convincing the audience by depicting the good character of the author of the message who is Ron Paul. These rhetorical approaches led Ron Paul to have an increase in the number of supporters backing him. His policies were persuasive to a large audience hence his rise in polls to a significant level (John and Bean). Cultural Analysis This campaign advert was made by Ron Paul in the United States of America. The advert was to be presented in America with the aim of gaining supporters. [...]

[...] Using television to convey the message meant that the message would capture a large audience. In America of the households own a television set hence airing the advert would lead to lots of views (McDonough). Compared to the number of people who read text in newspaper the use of video was best suited to deliver the message. In America the people who read the printed newspaper are estimated to be at 23%. Main aim of using media is to pass on information and thus there is need to choose the best method (PewResearchCenter). [...]

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