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Concert review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Type of concert- Symphony orchestra
  3. Start time and end time of the concert
  4. Instruments or voices featured in the performance: Orchestra
  5. Conclusion

The stage was opened by the first violin choir. Flutes were followed by trumpet. They walked in majestically; they paused little the flute followed and then trumpet. The band began to jump in slowly. As they began again slowly, the instruments started to warm up. This gradually created a happy feeling among the audience. I honestly wish an encore performance was provided. As if there was an end, it all starts off suddenly giving a jerky feeling. The start was also fast with distinct violins this time. These violins developed warm happy feelings in me as if watching a movie. Then there was a slow dance. The soft little whispers from flute and string instruments were foreboding. The quick little footsteps of violins and the sound of flutes always sounded happy. The ending was a strong one with trumpets and drums.

The second piece started with a saxophone coming onto stage. Omitting the director, a graduate student was replaced. The trumpet solo started off slowly, followed by the drum solo. This scared me and then drum flute played quite delightfully. The flutes came with high pitched notes. The drums brought big bang beats that were loud like thunderstorms making my veins feel like bursting. This provided a sudden shift from happiness to a smooth feeling to jerky feelings. There was a change of events in my view because the flutes that followed seconds after made me feel just sleepy were it not for the matching steps that followed. The drums that played alongside flutes made one feel like a soldier in a war and the trumpets playing softly made me feel like a fallen soldier in a war. Mysteriously, the band stops, trumpet players walked in and the band starts playing just softly and calmly. Triangles were playing like they were stars in the sky while flutes played soft like whispering. My heart felt the vibrations of cello strings. I was very scared to hear the sudden loud and strong sound of the drum for some few seconds.

[...] The conductor's body also could be seen moving. There was a lot of stop and goes. I then heard a magical sound like a harp. It sounded like princess was walking in the room. Then every Instrument played very loudly at once and then ended very suddenly. I could see players pick their instruments and gets muddy. I thought it was over, I was so wrong. It was a five-second pause. A slow warm and soft music was started off by strings. [...]

[...] then slowly ends and there is a pause. The music starts off sadly and slowly with all instruments coming in and playing loudly and then ends with a bang. Another time, foreboding, deep intense music starts with violin playing. There were quick light notes, pace picks, fast paced strong and loud even stronger and intense. It seemed to me that it was simmering down and crazy. A moment of deep pulsation drums occurred, I could hear the echo of the music. [...]