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Demonstrating that Art is a product of its context

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  1. The Parthenon Pediment Art
  2. The Mask of Agamemnon
  3. Adoration of the Magi

From an examination of cultures throughout history, it can be established that artistic works within respective cultures were based on the prevailing cultural contexts. In such regard, this paper attempts to show that art is indeed a product of its context. This assertion is depicted through three distinct examples of art from the course.

[...] Fig.2: The Mask of Agamemnon Adoration of the Magi The third and final example of a piece of art depicting that art is a product of its context is the Adoration of the Magi artefact. The creation of this piece of art was based on the Christian religion with more focus on the nativity of Jesus. The artist intended to present the nativity of Jesus in art whereby the three Magi were depicted as kings in the West. These kings had found Jesus Christ through following a star. [...]

[...] The gothic style of art was used to create the piece of art. Earlier version of Adoration of the Magi were created from painting, but the gothic style was adopted later in the fourteenth century. The main idea to use the gothic style was to reproduce the artifact in three dimensional perspective in an effort to decorate the Strasbourg Cathedral Church. Fig.3: Gothic Style of Adoration of the Magi Works Cited Kleiner, Fred S. Gardner's Art Through the Ages (Art 1 Santa Monica College) Print. [...]

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