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The European art

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  1. Jesus Christ Pantocrator Painting
  2. Apse of Sant Climent de Taull
  3. The Art of the Book

Art is typically a product of its context. This notion is reflected in the European art from historical to gothic styles. This paper explains this assertion using three examples of art, the cultures in which they were produced, the time periods, and the conventions representing them alongside the methods used to deliver them. Such contexts, time period, cultures, conventions of presenting the pieces of art, and the method used to create them constitute their vast differences. The pieces of art analyzed in this paper include the Jesus Christ Pantocrator painting, Apse of Sant Climent de Taull, and the Art of the Book painting.

[...] The artefact was created at a time when Christianity was the order of the day. At that time, most people held a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ, in particular, as the savior of mankind from sin. Doing some wrong to others may not have been considered a legal offense, but on the basis of the Christian religion, it was sinful. People would thus seek the help of Jesus through prayers for forgiveness. The artist intended to put the same message through painting and thus the artefact was created. [...]

[...] This is because the period shaped the type of artefacts created during that time. Civilization among members of the society was a major thing and book knowledge was the basis of all this. Therefore, the artist saw the need to show the importance of the book through painting. The main idea was to pass the message of the book as a symbol of knowledge and power. In this case, those who need to acquire power had to acquire knowledge. Such knowledge acquisition was on the other hand possible only by reading the book. [...]

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