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Reality Television

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  1. What's Reality TV?
    1. A little definition of ?Reality TV?
    2. A little historic
    3. Today's Real TV
    4. What's so real about Real TV?
  2. Real TV evolution
    1. Reality TV: a lightning expansion
    2. Always further
    3. The derivatives of Reality Shows
  3. Why is Real TV popular?
    1. It shows what viewers want to see
    2. It promises money
    3. It promises fame and celebrity
    4. It's a social factor

A new form of program on television has a big success opportunity. In an era mushroomed by reality television, cameras define the victory for a television channel. Some examples of instant success-giving reality shows are: Nine Spanish go across the country in bus, Ten Polish live locked up in Warsaw, and some Germans who are on a diet. All these activities take place under the watchful eyes of the cameras. These activities became the programs of people who work together but where only one of them ends up winning. In TV jargon, there seems to be no ambiguity: reality is this miraculous ingredient thanks to which flighty viewers stay finally stranded in front of screen. Lock, watch, reward: the same method wins everywhere. Reality television has quickly become a mainstay in American pop culture. In a short span of time, the American television scene has shifted from the traditional sitcom to a vast multi-topic world of contrived reality. Shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, just to name a select few, have all brought a new meaning to the "Must See TV" craze. In this document, we analyze the flip side of this phenomenon too, with its consequences and drifts of the reality shows and capture the reactions of the audiences as well.

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