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Claude Cahun: a lesbian surrealist artist in Paris

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  1. A figure of the lesbian Paris
    1. A love story with Suzane Malherbe (Marcel Moore)
    2. Intellectual and lesbian life in Paris
    3. Artistic collaboration
  2. Claude Cahun's artistic work
    1. Self-portraits
    2. Literary work
    3. A surrealist artist
  3. Political engagement

Claude Cahun was a French artist, writer, poet, and photographer. Her work was personal and political and played with the concepts of gender roles. Her writings suggested she identified as agender, but most academics who wrote about her use feminine pronouns to talk about her and her work. She was a lesbian, from a bourgeois and Jewish background. Through art she interrogated her relationship with the world and with her own identity. The work of Cahun questioned the link between words and images, bodies, sex and social representations, subjects and identity.

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