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Comparison between Ancient Greece and Renaissance art

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  1. A rich historical context
  2. The historical context of Renaissance art resembles Greek influence
  3. The formation of religion, alphabets, and city states

Art allows individuals to express themselves as well as leave a legacy. Throughout history, we have witnessed several cultures preserve their legacy and represent their feelings through art. Ancient Greece is one example of this. The artists from this era have preserved their legacy while simultaneously expressing themselves. Similarly, the artists from the renaissance have done the same. Research allows the cultures of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance to be compared.

[...] Artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael are masters of the craft, discovered during the peak of the era. (Hartt) Two primary periods of Renaissance art may be identified. The Early Renaissance took place from 1401 to 1490, while the High Renaissance took place from 1490 to 1527. (Paoletti) Each period emerged during a significant period in history. The artists in Greece witnessed the formation of religion, alphabets, and city states. By time the Renaissance began these innovations were already established. Technology was the difference between the two periods. Artists of the Renaissance had greater technologies available. [...]

[...] Some were almost identical to the art rendered from the Greek civilization. (Hartt) In conclusion, there are several similarities and differences between art rendered by the Renaissance and Ancient Greece cultures. From a historical perspective, the art from Ancient Greece did more towards influencing other cultures, while the Renaissance drew inspiration from other cultures. Technology allowed artists of the Renaissance to renew older art and make it more timeless. In the realm of symbolism, both cultures displayed religion in their art. However, Renaissance shared less in the indulging due to humanism. [...]

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