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Critical Theory: theatre and post-structuralism

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  1. Introduction
  2. The contradictions in the language
  3. The structure of the pieces, constantly altered and played with
  4. Conclusion

The idea of Post-structuralism derives from philosophy. It is a discipline which has always tended to emphasize the difficulty of achieving secure knowledge about things (Barry;1995:63) .Philosophical writing, although following the structure thesis, followed by anti-thesis, then a synthesis of both, always comes back to the initial question without achieving a single answer, or a single truth, and further widen the conflict. Elaine Aston (1997) has expressed, that owing to its experimental approach to the dramatic and theatrical form, Churchill's theatre is not just a question of politics, but that of politics of style. In ?Blue Heart', which presents two short plays, one featuring the relationship between a father and daughter and the other between mother and son, the form and content are constantly questioned through a reconstruction of the concepts of plot, language and structure. In ?Heart's Desire', where a couple awaits their daughter's return from Australia, the action is set back and altered. In ?Blue Kettle', a middle-aged man looks for his biological mother and as the action evolves, the words ?blue' and ?kettle' appear repeatedly in the dialogue. The questioning of the unity in text and structure is common to both pieces. This enables us to explore the contradictions that are exposed both in the language and structure of ?Blue Heart'.

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