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Modern Italian art: Mannerism

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The anachronistic term mannerism appeared for the first time in the form of 'mania' in Vasari's 'Lives' in the sixteenth century. It usually refers to the experiences of several generations of figurative artists who were popular in the second decade of the sixteenth century.

It was in his seventeenth lexical field that the term ?mannerism' developed. The period of Mannerisms grew at the same time as other forms such as the Quattrocento did. It made itself felt from 1511 with Raphael and Parmigianino.

The painters stopped complying to the rule that necessitates harmonious proportions that is characteristic of classicism. The first to go against it was Michelangelo who was a big follower of Mannerism. Mannerism saturates the space of a painting with an accumulation of figures. This type of art had fewer paintings based on landscapes. This overloading of the painting appears to be a complex understanding of the work. The misleading impressions of depth, the outdoor scenes that were internalized and shadows and colors are all characteristics of this form of art.

Mannerism developed the concept of illusion and artifice. Mannerism is also developed the concept of an art of pleasure, noble, full of surprises, allegories and citations.We also see a desire to surpass the old masters.

Section II of this paper talks about the important artists of this form of art:
? Arcimboldo
? De la Porta
? Andrea Del Sarto
? Pontormo

Venice was the city where Mannerism was born and this form owes a great deal to Fra Bertholemo.

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