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Music and politics (2004)

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The use of music in politics.
    1. Music as a means to gather.
    2. Music as a means to exist.
    3. Music as a way to control ideas.
  3. Subversive music.
    1. Different kind of subversive music.
    2. Rock music.
    3. Jazz.
    4. Hip Hop music.
    5. Means for musicians to express their ideas.
  4. The present situation.
    1. What is the link between politics and music nowadays?
    2. A rising link between music and economy.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Art is often seen as a way to escape from reality, to enter a new universe, and indeed it is. Art has to create emotions, to make people understand how irrational their life can be or sometimes just to make the beauty hidden from their eyes appears. And nobody knows how Art manage to touch so deeply almost everyone. We can understand the artists but Art remains a mystery. Why do these three notes evoke so many things? With Art, Man discovered he had the possibility to create things he would never understand. Art is a piece of eternity and Man needs to believe he can be eternal. That's why it's an original subject to try in this survey to link what seems to be so abstract with a pragmatic and human science: politics. To make this relation appear, we will restrict our work to the specific part of art which is music. This lout syllogism gives the direction of our reflexion. Particularly in the 20th century, examples are numerous of this strong link between music and politics. There are many reasons to this which we probably won't manage to count all, but our modest aim thought a so large subject is to show how music is deeply rooted in the social context. As Jacques Attali said, ?music is an attribute of political power?. That's why, in history, music has been widely used by diverse politicians and governments, and for diverse reasons. We will try to understand how music can be useful for politicians.

[...] To conclude, music can be influenced a lot by politicians, in order to gather people, to represent their country or even to impose ideas, but now, we will see that the contrary is also possible: music can have an impact on politics Subversive music Different kind of subversive music The concept of identity is the main issue when we think of music and politic. Indeed each in-group or community has an identity. This identity is based on cultural values and on the world in which the community exists and evolves. [...]

[...] The present situation What is the link between politics and music nowadays? With the success of some Rap band like Run DMC, the majors began to be interested in this new music which can make them earn a lot of money. Thus a lot of Hip Hop bands or singers who were only interested in easy money appeared and became famous (for example Puff Daddy). They are entertainers instead of being spokesmen for their communities. Thus their music became exclusively commercial and their priorities were easy listening songs with weaker messages. [...]

[...] The use of propaganda We will here especially take the case of Russia and Germany to realize how music can be used by politicians to impose their opinions. In Russia, we can quote the example of the seventh symphony of Chostakovitch : ?Leningrad?, written in 1941, year of the invasion of USSR by Germans. This work expresses the feeling of resistance of the Russians against the Nazis. That's why the Soviet government decided the same year to broadcast this symphony on the radio, in order to become a symbol of resistance and struggle of the country. [...]

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