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Producing soft Rock music

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  1. What is soft rock music ?
  2. Guitar history

As a soft pop rock music producer, my music would combine Rock and Roll with some aspects from folk rock, meaning that it would be softer and more toned down than normal rock music. It would focus more on themes such as love, daily life as well as relationships. Soft rock came about in the 1950s when singers of pop music began making use of arrangements that integrated some elements from rock and roll. It has a number of distinct features such as de-emphasizing of the rock beat as well as a move away from guitar lines that were intense and harsh vocalizing. The lyrics of songs also tend to be more upbeat and intended to cause the audience to think more as opposed to having aspects of rebellion (Schloss et al 34).

[...] Shepherd, J. Horn, David. Continuum. Encycopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume Genres North America. (New York: A & C Black, 2012). [...]

[...] The fact that technology has changed and evolved has provided a chance for sound from soft rock music to become more clearer. Technologies as well as instruments that are used in producing soft rock has changed over time with computers providing the chance for generation of sounds and sounds that have been previously recorded which have resulted in a change in the beats as well as melodies characterizing soft rock. This has seen songs becoming much sharper and far more precise (Shepherd & Horn 32). [...]

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