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  1. Imagine if Ozzy Ozbourne and David Bowie had a child and it was adopted and raised by Brian Eno and later formed a band.
  2. One song in the set, ?Modern Man,? I think is particularly worthy of mention because it was different in both musical style (quick and aggressive) and lyrical content

The Legendary Pink Dots, featuring members of Skinny Puppy, played the Howlin' Wolf on Saturday, June 12th. Upon scanning the stage and seeing the medley of performers, I knew it would be an interesting show. The saxophone player, dressed in a purple and orange suit, a rather average-looking guitarist and bassist, and a tie-dye wearing keyboard player lined the stage waiting for their singer/frontman, who finally emerged donning leopard-print pajama pants, a purple shirt, what appeared to be some sort of fuzzy scarf, and, of course, the invariably cool, ?60s- style, Lennon-esque sunglasses. Classic.

[...] Alternately beautiful and ferocious guitar work is blended with a methodical synth background, hauntingly deep and resonating bass, jazz-influenced sax, and eerily soft vocals. The result is melodic, if a bit eccentric at times, and occasionally even mesmerizing. It's certainly not danceable, but swaying might be a possibility. I can't say I'm a fan of the often-cheesily-sighed vocals. However, this does give some songs wonderful potential for inclusion on a tragedy/horror movie soundtrack. As a performer, though, Ka- Spel can be quite entertaining, posing on stage as though doing sexual favors for the microphone while singing (think full-profile view). [...]

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