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The development of art and architecture and how it reflects the social and cultural attitudes underlying social discourse.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Nineteenth Century Middle Class?An Overview
  3. Art During the Nineteenth Century
  4. Interiors of the Nineteenth Century Middle Class
  5. Interiors in Europe
  6. Interiors in the United States
  7. Conclusion

Research on the development of art and architecture demonstrates that works created during different time periods clearly reflect the social and cultural attitudes underlying social discourse. With this in mind, it is not surprising to find that the middle class interiors of the nineteenth century were heavily influenced by artists and architectures. As the economic and social mobility of the middle class grew during this time period, so too did the impact of art on the homes of the middle class. Using this as a basis for investigation, there is a clear impetus to examine what has been written about middle class interiors of the nineteenth century. To this end, this investigation considers this issue in conjunction with the social influences that promulgated change in the middle class interior of the nineteenth century. Through a careful consideration of what as been written on this subject, it will be possible not only to examine middle class interiors of this time period, but also to identify how art evolved and change occurred in this specific environment.

[...] What is perhaps most interesting about these differences however, is that they are clearly reflective of the different social and cultural environments that existed in region during this time period. By the early nineteenth century many European countries were deeply entrenched in industrialism. This was not the case in the United States. Thus, it is not surprising to find that the interiors created in each culture were notably different. Conclusion Reviewing all of the information that has been presented in this investigation, it becomes evident that the development of the middle class interior that took place in nineteenth century Europe was quite dramatic overall. [...]

[...] Clearly, the interiors that were developed during this time period were distinctive and reflective of both the social and cultural changes that were taking place during this time period. Interestingly, even though the interiors that developed in nineteenth century America were different from those in Europe, they also reflected specific cultural and social development during this time period. In the end, the dynamic nature of change that is reflected in the art of the nineteenth century is also reflected in the interiors and décor of the time period. [...]

[...] Interiors in Europe Considering first the interiors of the middle class in Europe, Rice (2004) makes the observation that interiors of this time period became heavily influenced by the specific architecture and art that had been used by the upper class in the development of their interior space. In an effort to describe this process Rice makes the following observations: this way, the interior emerges with conceptual specificity in the context of bourgeois domesticity. It is not simply architectural, but it borrows on the enclosure provided by architecture to be articulated though decoration In this sense the interior is also not simply spatial, but is equally an imaged-based phenomenon? (p. [...]

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