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The history of the Blues music: creation, evolution and diffusion in the world

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  1. The creation of the Blues
  2. Music and evolution of the Blues
  3. The Blues is present in various topics
  4. Diffusion of the Blues in the world

The revolution started when the Germans arrived in America. They already had many slaves, but they still subjugated hundreds of Africans present in the country, so that these men also became slaves. In the 19th century, in the South of the United States, one could hear the cries which the black workers addressed to the other workmen in the plantations and the fields. These cries were actually songs of work: ?galls hollers?, which represented the daily sufferings with which these men were confronted.

Moreover, to provide the rhythm and to support the effort, a leader sang a short sentence and the other slaves answered him with a single refrain, all in chorus. Thus the first forms of the Blues were born. This music was thus a means for the Afro-Americans slaves to express their difficulties in a daily newspaper. It was like a heartfelt cry, composed of melancholy, despair, sadness, pain, etc. All these emotions were represented by the Blues.

[...] The radio: Since the Forties, the radio has grown substantially in the United States, and the music of Blues is heard more and more. This is liked by the black population. Diffusion of the Blues in the world With respect to the geographical broadcasting of the Blues, we can say that the Blues was propagated to the whole of America. A few years later, it was introduced to France, where famous artists started to play and sing the Blues. In France, people can [...]

[...] In the 30s, the ?Boogie-woogie?, whose origin is a Blues Band, mixed with the and appeared as a full orchestra of swing. To interpret the Blues, they highlighted singers with a powerful and dominating voice: the ?blues shouters?, and accentuated the music with their instruments: Thus the Blues rocked in modernity. This style was very successful for several years. In the 50s, a new generation of energetic musicians appeared, who were called the ?black rockers?. These artists proposed a spectacular music of dance, which is now called the ?Rhythm and Blues?. [...]

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