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The theme of politics in Bob Marley's music

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  1. The lack of social justice
  2. Marley's call for tolerance, universality and peace

Bob Marley was originally from Jamaica, and as such, his work was deeply affected by the troubled political context the island faced after its independence. Many of his songs thus convey a political message. Some of Marley's biggest hits like 'Get up, Stand Up', 'I Shot the Sheriff', 'One love', and many others were inspired by the damaged environment of Jamaica. All these songs ingeniously expose Bob's political ideas. Marley was a defender of people's social rights and their need for social equity. As he grew up in Trenchtown among the poorest and the most desperate people of his native island, Bob was amazed by the miserable conditions he and his people lived in. As a matter of fact, his youth in the ghetto influenced his work and brought about a political dimension in his lyrics.

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