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Theador Adorno and the modern expression of art

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Theador Adorno held complicated theories about the meaning of art, and he was very critical about art's expression in popular culture. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Adorno took pop culture very seriously and believed that much can be understood about human psychology by analyzing what we see on television, what he hears on the radio, and what we read in magazines. His main argument about the problem with modern expression of art was that it was artificial and manufactured.

[...] His main argument about the problem with modern expression of art was that it was artificial and manufactured. Adorno believed that the world had lost much of its individuality, and that people were therefore unable to create art that was original and different from the standard. Adorno used the theories of many famous German philosophers, as well as other famous individuals such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Marx. Combing the theories of these philosophers with his own unique and very critical view of popular culture, Adorno created a theory about art that was very ground breaking and still holds true in modern society. [...]

[...] When products are manufactured and sold to people without those people actually taking part in its creation, it creates a world in which people's original ideas become insignificant and not applicable. Adorno did not accept the theories of Marx in the same way that the Soviet Union did, but he to was able to appreciate and point out the problems with capitalist societies. Adorno uses the ideas of Freud when he discusses alienation in modern society. Freud had many theories about psychopathology and the causes of schizophrenia. One theory was that modern capitalism and the alienation caused by the standardization of popular culture may be causing the illness. [...]

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