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TV Shows in France

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  1. A Kind In Evolution
  2. The audiovisual fiction
  3. Medical universe
  4. Cinema reported missing on the TV
  5. Downloading
  6. French Series, 6 Feet Under
  7. The French trial
  8. The expertise in 52 minutes
  9. The recoverable French delay?
  10. Critics
  11. Strike

The term ?serial' has achieved a different meaning in today's world. It is now being used as a base issued from the novels which were written in the 19th century by Flaubert and Dickens. Flaubert and Dickens published their novels chapter by chapter in newspapers. The development of the plot in their situations sometimes took years thus, dangling their readers. The TV shows are presently the logical evolution of the novels of that time. The TV shows has now acquired an indispensable luxury item position for the television viewers of the 21st century. The advantages of TV shows are tremendous ranging from excellent means of developing loyalty. Further, channels do not hesitate anymore to broadcast series at any part of the day or night. Today, our small screens enjoy a large number of series as they approach and target any hot subject. Serials, sitcoms, any concept is good to accept it as long as the public consider the case trendy enough and sufficient for leisure. Channels are on the lookout for the last series. It even happens that channels conceive or finance their own series such as camera cafe for M6 and Julie Lescaut for TF1.

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