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What is the right balance to strike between freedom of and restrictions upon artistic expression?

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  1. The concept of art
  2. The concept of censorship

Dictionaries commonly define the concept of censorship as a reality that certain texts (especially books), images, films or shows should be banned. Censorship is a form of regulation, created by the law, wherein books, letters, films, and other works of art have to be submitted to an examination to a qualified jury to remove any work that is considered as offensive, particularly shocking, morally harmful or politically dangerous. It can also include age restrictions. These restrictions are imposed by the state to present to the citizens content that is not morally degenerating and politically disturbing. However, there is a hue and cry over the censorship process from the side of the artists. They argue that it is the right of any artist to express his thoughts and therefore, artistic expression must be absolutely free. Hence, the right balance needs to be attained between freedom and restrictions upon artistic expression.

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