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Bach vs Sousa

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  1. Introduction
  2. Other jobs held by Bach and Sousa
  3. Sousa's music and excellence
  4. Conclusion
  5. Works cited

Throughout history there have been an infinite number of composers. These composers range in time period from the 1600s to present day and their styles of music range from classical to rock ?n' roll. Two of the most influential composers of all time are Johann Sebastian Bach and John Philip Sousa. Though these two men lived in different time periods, studied different instruments, were taught by different teachers, and composed different styles of music, both Bach and Sousa's works are patronized by millions today.

[...] Bach and Sousa were both very decorated musicians by the time they reached their twenties. Because Bach and Sousa associated with other greatly respected musicians, conductors, and composers, their works clearly show such influence. Although a large majority of Bach's music shows his interest in the English and French influence, he also had an enthusiasm for the German influence. October 1705, Bach secured a one-month leave of absence in order to study with the renowned Danish-born German organist and composer Dietrich Buxtehude? (Bram 179). [...]

[...] Finally, in 1723, Bach moved to Leipzig to begin a job as cantor and carried out the rest of his life there. In addition to Bach's many job locations and occupations, he also composed a myriad of cantatas, oratorios, canons, and fugues. Although Sousa's location did not change as often as Bach's did, Sousa's music and excellence was and is known throughout the world. Sousa had two main jobs in his lifetime: leader of the U.S. Marine Band and leader of ?Sousa's Band?(Bram 130). [...]

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