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  1. Introduction
  2. Ground breaking advancements in synthesizer modeling
  3. The use of this technology
  4. Providing customization
  5. Innovations in the live performances
  6. Conclusion

If only Beethoven and Tchaikovsky could have conceived of the technological advantages the musicians of today take for granted. Innovative strides in music technology development have revolutionized the way music is recorded, composed, stored, performed, searched and retrieved by creating easy to use software interfaces and electronic components which work with the artist to help facilitate the creative process. Throughout the late 20th century and through the present day, music technology plays a crucial role in the composition, recording and performing of music.

[...] With the assistance of music technology, the process of music composition has been simplified and allows the musician to further explore and enhance the musical element of composition. Once music is composed, music technology provides a variety of recording methods with a vast collection of features. Each of the previously mentioned software provides the added capability of recording and mixing multiple track compositions. This is only one element to the recording process. In order to record live instruments with the software, additional hardware is necessary. [...]

[...] software vary greatly based on the level of instrument modeling and expandability of features within the program. The prices range from $100 (price of Home Studio) to $500 (price of the full Reason Suite). All of these applications are generally used with a MIDI keyboard plugged into a personal computer. This allows for real time recording rather than inputting musical notes into a grid. Propellerhead's Reason sets itself apart from the other modeling programs available because of its unique instrument sample feature. [...]

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