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Developing a company of art stores with reference to Pop Art

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The company that we wish to develop is a company of art stores. We wish to establish a store in Lyon, with an area surface of 170m ², where we propose works of art such as paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as clothing and jewels, all inspired by Pop Articles. Our company is based on the idea of developing the Pop Art movement in all its expressions, in order to make it known and to circulate it in public. To conclude our project, we surrounded ourselves by qualified creators with the aim of being able to make ourselves identified by the customers as a specialized store.

We thus widened the gap between the stores of art located at Lyon on the one hand because we sell various works, clothing, paintings, and on the other hand because we propose to deal with Pop Articles exclusively. In spite of our obvious distinction with the stores of classic art such as the art galleries (where one finds only tables or sculptures), the specialized stores in the creation of clothing or the stores of gadgets of any kind, this indirect competition must be taken into account because the art market is difficult to penetrate.

We will offer works of art by Pop Art and Pop Art clothing. For this offer to be well received by the customer, we decided to call our store Factory. Indeed, in 1962, Oldenburg organized an exhibition, The Store in his own studio which takes the form of a store: the space, filled with objects and furniture, and giant food filled with plaster, forms a true environment. These gigantic and crazy works, deliberately anti-heroic, provoke a smile and tend to change our relationship with the objects of everyday life. They seem to illustrate the willingness of Oldenburg to build bridges between art and the banality of everyday life.

Founded in 1963 by Andy Warhol, The Factory (set of four workshops he owned in Manhattan), the Mecca of pop art as well as other events related to social life and art of New York, quickly became legendary as the main setting of the New York underground. The atmosphere of permissiveness that prevailed quickly made the Factory, the rendezvous spot for artists and celebrities. The excesses aside, this place was a real pop factory production of art. Victim of an attack on June 3, 1968, he gradually transformed the Factory into a place of transactions ordered and wise. "I started as a commercial artist, I want to finish as a business artist", he said with cold irony in 1975. With this in mind we design the Factory: a merchant site of exchange and discovery.

Our project was born from a common observation: painters like Van Gogh, writers such as Rimbaud, artists have always struggled to make themselves known and recognized in their time. In addition, the current economic climate makes the launch of the artists on the market very hard, these artists whether they be fashion designers or painters, can be found every Sunday morning on the banks of Saône showcasing their works of art.

Tags: Andy Warhol, Pop Art movement, The Factory

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