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Chinese contemporary art and art market in London

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  1. London art market and Chinese Contemporary art: An ambivalent relationship
    1. A particularly enthusiast market
    2. Despite criticisms and obstacles
  2. A growth crisis?
    1. Modern art from China collapses first
    2. A clean-up of the market, leading to a redistribution of cards

This research study will apprehend the place of Contemporary art of China in the London art market. It is an opportunity to lead further research on Contemporary art as well as understanding the strong ties linking it to London. The sources are not scarce on the subject, nevertheless their accuracy were often questionable due to the fact that Chinese Modern art unleashed passions within the art world, leaving a very small place to objective points of view and studies. In this manner, this study will try and comprehend the inner working of the relationship between Contemporary art of China and London, trying and linking them with external influences. It seemed as the best way to complete the documents found on the subject which appeared very often too partial or incomplete. In order to do so, the following analysis will be divided in two main parts. The first part will explain London's enthusiastic welcome of Contemporary art of China, due to its privileged networks with Hong Kong and the particularity of Chinese Avant-garde art. This information will then be put into perspective, analyzing the evolution of Contemporary art as a whole and London's art market characteristics and will go through the art market players main worries concerning the rise of this segment. The second part will analyze the financial crisis impact on this volatile segment and the investors reactions before having a look at the future implication for this segment, tending to make it more rational and changing power of hands.

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