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Is the American rap industry in the filiation of the soul industry under Motown?

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The African heritage is fundamental to black American music. The African American population, by its very name, asserts its African identity. The influence of African music is so strong that to the rest of the world, black music represents the spirit of the United States. It is quite difficult to date the birth of black American music. We can say that it was born in the XIXth century when African slaves had begun show the influence of their experiences in the new world in their music. In fact, as for Southern and Cashmore music, the most important thing in black music is not the color of the skin but rather the social conditions of Blacks and their common experience of struggle (slavery, exile, discrimination) in the United States. A sense of cohesion emerges from this, with a unity of purpose and identity. Black music reflects the conscience of Afro-American people, their rejection of their marginalized situation and their desire to make things change. As for Stephen's soul, it is a fusion of music that owes much to blues and gospel, is an ideology and a call for hope.

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