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The economic impact of the movie making industry in the United States

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  1. Introduction
  2. A brief history of the Movie Making Industry
    1. Beginnings: the birth of the American film industry
    2. The rise of Hollywood
    3. The first movie making companies: a cluster in Hollywood
  3. From a local economic activity to a national impact
    1. The big five
    2. Movie making and employment
    3. Small and medium businesses nationwide
    4. Impact on the government
  4. Other direct impacts and threats of the industry
    1. Exporting the movies
    2. The industry, investment and tourism
    3. What threats is the industry facing
  5. Conclusion

Along with the main industries of the United States, such as the automobile or the pharmaceuticals industry, the American film industry emerged during the twentieth century as an industrialized mass entertainment activity. Every year, billions of movie tickets were sold in the US, and all over the world, cinema became a trend, and the number of consumers increased everyday. After both world wars, people seemed to seek a new type of entertainment, which helped movie makers make it one of the first sold services of all times. Movies were watched inside the US, but were also exported to the biggest cities of the world, and American movies became the most watched of other movies.

Fascinated by American movies, I chose to work on this topic because I always wanted to know more about the economic impact of the American Film Industry. As a result, this study is going to help us understand why is this industry vital for the American. Its impacts, seemed in fact deeper than what one could have imagined, not only the economy is affected but the whole American Model is being exported through the various movies the industry is constantly producing. In fact, exporting movies is like exporting the American culture and creating a massive international demand of American goods.

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