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Pan’s Labyrinth by Warner Bros: Film review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of ?Pans Labyrinth? review
  3. Guillermo Del Toro? Pan's Labyrinth
  4. Conclusion

?Pan's Labyrinth? is a film released by Warner Bros. Pictures International, Pan-Europeene and Telecino movie production companies. It is a property of Picturehouse Production Company, based in North America. The film is directed and written by Guillermo Del Toro who is also one of its producers. The film casts a wide array of characters. The lead actor is Ofelia, the self-reliant and gritty twelve year old played by IvanaBaquero. Captain Vidal, played by Sergi Lopez, is Ofelia's stepfather and general to the Spanish Army. He serves to eliminate the resistance guerrilla fighters that hide in the forest. Mercedes is General Vidal's servant who conspires together with the doctor (IvanaBaquero) to keep the guerrilla in the forest. Ariane Gil, who acts as Ofelia's mother, plays the role of Carmen. The other producers are Bertha Navarro, Alfonso Cuaron, FridaTorresblanco and Alvaro Augustin. This article compares and contrasts the critical reception done by some movie reviewers concerning the ?Pan's Labyrinth?(Earles 178).

[...] For one, I learned on how important it is to address issues concerning the reality aspect of life even when including a fantasy aspect in film. This is important as film critiques often look out for such aspects in a movie. General Vidal, played by Sergi Lopez best expresses The Spanish Civil War in the film. General Vidal represents the sadistic attitude and cruelty associated with the Spanish Civil War. In one instance, Vidal converts the mill into his headquarters. [...]

[...] Then there's Chang's review which takes a neutral position and leaves the judging to the audience. Guillermo Del Toro? Pan's Labyrinth The above stated filmmaker and the film are an excellent choice in film analysis. For one, it is a particularly easy to understand and digest. Del Toro does an excellent job in the scene transition with which he does smoothly. He is also exquisite in the way he synchronizes both the real and the unreal worlds of the film. [...]

[...] Raza also does not concentrate on a single character as the latter does in the case of Ofilia. The movie is clearly more than a novelization of the war as soon as one looks beyond the authorial figures of the film (Vernon 156). Bibliography Vernon Kathleen.Reviewing the Spanish Civil War: Franco's Film Raza. Spain. Film and History Jones, Tanya. Studying Pan's Labyrinth. Leighton Buzzard: Auteur Print. Oropeza, Lorena. Raza Guerra Chicano Protest and Patriotism During the Viet Nam War Era. [...]

[...] Berkeley, Calif. [u.a.: Univ. of California Press Print. Speed, F and James Cameron-Wilson.Film Review. London: W.H. Allen Print. Earles, Steve. The Pan Labyrinth: [the Unique Films of Guillermo Del Toro]. Herefordshire: Noir Pub Print. [...]

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