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Profile of theatre in columnists

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  1. Introduction
  2. List of Columnists and Cultural Critics surveyed
  3. Lucio Ribeiro
  4. Alberto Guzik
  5. Karina Klinger
  6. Ana Paula Souza
  7. Conclusion

Lucio Ribeiro, 41, a columnist for specialized leaf in pop music and film, he was also a DJ, edited the magazine "Capricho" and has a column in the "Bizz". He wrote for the BBC on Wednesday's. Lucio Ribeiro ensured that the cultural journalist, as well as any other journalist from another area, you have to do a lot of research. "I always liked to read a lot, what happened is what can happen, and as I was very fond of music and films i ended up going pro journalism culture," said the journalist. Lucio Ribeiro also says that the cultural journalism can be seen rather as being of public utility. "You are lending a look at a person to see in some ways what is her interest is, may be a CD, book or theater play," said the critic.

Hermelino Neder is a composer and music teacher. Won several national and international awards for his soundtracks for movies. He has a PhD in Communication and Semiotics from PUC / SP. It has songs recorded by Cassia Eller and Arrigo Barnabé, among others.

[...] The scholarship that, unveiling the past puts into perspective this is a critical qualitative brand that combines knowledge sensitivity (ZANOTTO p.67). Mariângela Alves de Lima writes a column in the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo. REFERENCES BRANDÃO, Ana Paula. A humorous look at the Rio in the 20s In: Communication Notebooks 5. Rio de Janeiro, the City of Rio de Janeiro BUNNY, José Teixeira. Apeste language. Folha de Sao Paulo, 03/30/97 notebook More, p CUNHA, J. C's. And the theater performer. Interview. Serial, n.14, July / SET button FERAL, J. The Greeks in Cartoucherie: search forms. [...]

[...] The Modern Brazilian Tradition: Brazilian Culture and Cultural Industry. 5th ed. Sao Paulo: Brasiliense PIEDRAHITA, Manuel. Modern Journalism: History, Prospects and Trends Towards the Year 2000 Lisbon: Maple PIZA, D. Cultural Journalism. London: Context PRADO, Decio de Almeida. The modern Brazilian theater. Sao Paulo: Perspective RAMOS, MCO The new Brazilian communications. In: Ladislaus Dowbor; Octavio Ianni; Pedro Paulo Resende; Hélio Silva. (Org.). Communication challenges. Petropolis: Voices Sevcenko, Nicholas. Literature mission: social tensions and cultural creation in the First Republic ed. [...]

[...] Serial, n.14, July / SET button GAMA, Lucia Helena. In the Bar of Life: Cultural production and sociability in Sao Paulo-1940-50. London: Senac GARCIA, Luiz (org). The Globe. Writing and style manual edition, São Paulo p.34. GUZIK, Alberto. Testimony. Message received by Edelcio Mostaço February 2002. JANK, Helena et al. History in Focus: a songwriter under the New State (1937-1945). Report Scientific Initiation Search Final PIBIC / CNPq. Campinas, Unicamp MAGALDI, Sabato. Presentation. [...]

[...] Parallel attends the School of Dramatic Art - EAD, which concludes in 1966. The following year, debut as a professional actor in a production of The Process, based on Franz Kafka, assembly Core 2 Arena Theatre, under the direction of Leonardo Lopes. Before the end of the season shall close his career on stage, transferring to the audience, provided specialized critical. In this activity shall sign, in 1971, the theater column of the Journal Shopping News; transferring subsequently for periodic Last Time, 1974-1978, and IstoÉ from 1978 to 1981. [...]

[...] I believe in Brazilian theater (GUSIK, 2002). Legitimate representative of new positions arising in the 70s, the theater critic Alberto is episodic, glued to the day-to-day production, with no illusion to grasp essences or register perenidades an activity that, by nature, is volatile and intended to disappearance. This awareness of the theatrical phenomenon as fleeting act infuses his analytical look instantaneity analyst shows, more than that of the texts scholar. Special attention focused on the work of interpreters guide your comments, which surprised them know something that pulses or imponderable secret. [...]

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