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Written critique of the film: Little miss Sunshine

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This classification odious, that's exactly why refute the Hoover family. Little Miss Sunshine was presented at Deauville Festival of 2006 when he won the grand prize. This film tells the story of Hoover; they all go in an old van to Albuquerque to Redondo Beach in California for the contest Little Miss Sunshine. It is the dream of their little girl of 7 years (Olive), a girl around, like most American girls with big hopes. On the way, his family, desperate not to have met with success and recognition, will accompany this beauty contest.

But the way he's going to have to deal with broken dreams, the heart attack of grandfather and failures of their Volkswagen in very poor condition. The father of the family Hoover, Richard (Greg Kinnear) very optimistic is trying desperately to sell his path to success in 9 steps in Vain. The mother, Sheryl (Toni Colette), a follower of KFC for dinner and morality rigorous attempts to hide family secrets in this case those of his brother (Steve Carell), a suicidal gay Proust fan and freshly released from hospital after have tried to kill himself following his separation from his lover of school. The half brother of Olive (Dwayne), son from a previous marriage of his mother made a vow not to speak until he joined an academy Royal Air Force.