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Decline of the DVD market in France - Studio Canal

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  1. The industry overview
    1. A feeling of déjà vu
    2. A new phenomenon : the piracy
    3. Effects on the video industry
  2. The causes and solutions to the crisis
    1. The reasons of this crisis
    2. What Studio Canal should do?

"Piracy is killing the cinema industry". This sentence has been very popular over the last years. There is no doubt that piracy has become a major issue in the cinema industry however it is not the only one causing the problem. High prices, apparition of new supports (Video On Demand),highlight the lack of adaptability of certain firms on the market. With the creation of a VOD offer, Studio Canal has quickly understood the potential of this new support. But this service has a lot of weaknesses which needs immediate attention. As a major player in the French cinema industry, Studio Canal has to find a solution to such problems in order to adapt itself to the market changes. For the moment, the number of movie entrances in France remains stable. In fact, it is the video market which is mostly touched by this phenomenon and this report focuses particularly on the video branch of Studio Canal.

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