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Assess the political significance of the work of a key director - Oliver Stone?s case

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  1. Oliver Stone
    1. Life
    2. His involvement in his movies
    3. His first two films about his time in Vietnam
  2. Role of a film maker
    1. Impact
    2. Consequences

Oliver Stone is an American director and screenwriter who often turns to contemporary American History to find the material for his work. Certainly it is because of this reason that he is one of the most controversial filmmakers since the 1980s. He is just as liked as disliked. In fact, the core of these controversies lies in what can be called his interpretation of Contemporary American History. It is particularly true for his films on the Vietnam war and on American Presidents. It would have been possible to include more films in this list but it is preferable to focus on the greater controversies which provide more sources. Oliver Stone describes himself as a historical dramatist. He mixes facts and fiction in his work in attempts to reveal larger truths about recent American history to challenge the often comfortable narratives and conclusions of traditional American historians. The problem is that Stone, aggressively defend(s) his interpretations, and even against scholars. He doesn't hesitate to say that scholar works are also subjects of interpretation from their academic authors.

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