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Children of heaven - Majid Majidi, 1997

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  1. Ali and children in Iran
  2. The story of Zahra's shoes
  3. The story of the race
  4. Comparison with "The Rockpile"
  5. The relationship between step-parents and step-children

As a children growing up, it is often very difficult if not impossible to express ourselves. Children, despite the fact that they are young and still immature, must often face brutal circumstances and overcome serious difficulties. Sometimes, the difficulties cannot be overcome, yet it may not be in the child's interest to express this fact. In the Iranian film "Children of Heaven" by directed by Majid Majidi and the story "The Rockpile" by James Baldwin, this theme is deeply explored. In both the film and the story, children struggle to survive in a harsh environment surrounded by authority figures who prevent them from expressing themselves and disclosing their problems.

[...] He got into the race and proved himself a worthy runner, inspired by his ability to win the sneakers. Ironically, Ali comes in first place instead of third, and he is extremely disappointed despite the praise, the trophie, and the honors he was receiving. During all of this, one would expect him to just blow up and beg for the shoes, saying that he does not want the trophy and that getting the shoes was his only goal in the first place. [...]

[...] According, it is important to strike a balance as a step parent between disciplining and loving him or her. The first step, however, is to build a relationship of trust to prevent the ?Your not my parent, you can't tell me what to do response. Once this relationship is built, it is possible to discipline the child while showing love, and this approach would work best for the step-parent because it would built a good relationship between the parent and step- child. According to, The solution is to use both love and limits. [...]

[...] Although this is not John's responsibility, Gabriel still feels that he must punish him and ask why he was not able to prevent the situation. When Gabriel begins to overreact in a completely unnecessary and inconsiderate way, his wife tries to calm him down and reason with him: ?Gabriel, ain't no sense in trying to blame Johnnie. You know right when you have trouble making Roy behave, he ain't going to listen to his brother. He don't hardly listen to (Baldwin). [...]

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