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Disney: The beauty is the beast

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Walt Disney Productions as a multimedia conglomerate.
    2. Purpose of the paper.
  2. The good Disney has done.
  3. The history of male and female characterization in Disney films.
    1. Woman character and the fault that they are unmarried.
    2. The feminist movements and societal changes.
    3. The women needed to be saved from an obvious source.
    4. The opening scene of Beauty and the Beast.
    5. The images shown in Beauty and the Beast.
  4. Males in opposition to their female counter parts.
    1. Portrayed as the saviors.
    2. Generally unflawed.
    3. The idea of a woman as a civilizing force.
  5. The stereotype.
  6. Conclusion.

Walt Disney Productions is a multimedia conglomerate, not only producing a majority of the children's cinema on the market today, but also submersing itself in the children's toy market, owning television stations such as ABC and the Disney Channel, and even creating their own town called Celebration Florida centered on the ?Disney lifestyle? of fun, fantasy, and purity. While Disney movies contain many valuable life lessons to impart on young children such as good always triumphs over evil, it is better to deal with your problems than run away, it is always best to tell the truth, and it is important to be polite, the actual symbols contained within the framework of the media may have a different and even harmful impact on children's understandings of gender roles and ideologies. Through different studies, media analysis, and pertinent research it can be seen that Disney characters and their interactions throughout the films help to form children's images of femininity and masculinity saturated with the many stereotypes attributed to both genders.

[...] ?Because there has been and still is so little in the way of motion picture entertainment suitable for any and all children, Disney now attracts an even more diverse market [the reason that] parents cannot say ?no' to children is that their children are likely to know about the cannon already,? (Ayers 4-5). Disney has been able to escape criticism of its tight hold that resists democratic attempts to infiltrate, by simply distancing the image of Disney from the corporate policies it holds. [...]

[...] In the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, the audience is introduced to Belle, shown that she is smart but still a dreamer, and her single status is confirmed. If this were where the depiction stopped, Belle may appear to be a moderate feminist, happy in who she is and her rejection of marriage, intelligent, and not in need of a man. However, Belle does not reject marriage at all, she in truth dreams of meeting the prince she reads about so avidly in her fairy-tales?the very books intended by the authors to portray her as an intelligent head strong young woman. [...]

[...] As Gaston is down in the dumps and depressed about being rebuffed, Le Fou attempts to revive his spirits by breaking into a song about how wonderful Gaston is: there's no man in town half as manly/ Perfect, a pure paragon/ Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny.? Le Fou's lines center around showing how Gaston's body is a perfect specimen. He can be compared to the Bimbettes who follow Gaston around scene by scene lusting after him as the ideal specimen. [...]

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