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Everyone says I love you- Woody Allen (1996)

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  1. Allen's biography
  2. Allen's filmography
  3. « Everyone says I love you » as a romantic and familial comedy
  4. « Everyone says I love you » , a musical comedy
  5. « Everyone says I love you » as a fairy-tale

The essence of life is undoubtedly ?Love'. This eccentric family tale illustrates love and its uphill and downhill effects followed by family feasts. The story relates to DJ who is the daughter of Joe Berlin (Woody Allen) and Steffi Dandridge (Goldie Hawn). Steffi is now married to Bob Dandridge (Alan Alda). DJ has three sisters Skylar (Drew Barrymore), Lane and Laura (Nathalie Portman) and one brother Scott (Lukas Haas). The story begins in New-York where we meet Skylar and her boyfriend Holden Spence (Edward Norton). They are indeed a lovely couple The story stretches through New York, Venice and Paris and the flow is in all the four seasons of the year. Each transition is illustrated by throwing a spotlight into Central Park. ?Everyone says I love you' is one of the rare musical comedies of the 1990's. This musical comedy by Woody Allen inscribes the comeback of this artistic style into the US lifestyle of fun and frolic and emotional importance.

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