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Hollywood: history, origins, stereotype

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  1. The reason we chose this subject
  2. The history of Hollywood
  3. Business and industry of the motion pictures
  4. Well-known ceremonies
  5. Stereotypes that Hollywood movies give us
  6. What Hollywood really look like
  7. Facts about Hollywood

We all know Hollywood; and for us, it's a famous place that we liked to visit. When we talk about Hollywood, the first words that come to our mind is stars, cinema, glamour, shiny, great weather etc. but, like all the famous place, not many people know WHAT IT IS really. We see Hollywood on screen, films, music video but nobody knows what is Hollywood, its story, the way it began and things like that. So we wanted to talk about the subject to make you know what Hollywood really is, its deepest origins and the reality of Hollywood!

[...] And for girls, not all the boy have got 6 packs of abs, a charming smile and are rich enough to buy you the new Louis Vuitton shoes. And here we come to our next point. Hollywood isn't for rich people only. Ok, Hollywood isn't cheap. But you easily can afford to live there even if you are a lambda person. Well, you'll need to do some sacrifices but if you know how to correctly deal with money, it's possible. [...]

[...] But there are only 700 seats so it's first-come first- serve. The ceremony is hosted by a different celebrity each year paid 15 000$ for the night. The name come from Margaret Henrick, an Academy librarian, who, while looking at the statue, said does it look like my uncle Oscar??. It was in 1931. The Golden Globes: famous American ceremony sometimes confused with the Oscars. The main difference is that the Golden Globes doesn't only focus on the motion pictures but includes TV series. [...]

[...] Now they are more or less 14 meters of high, is located in the Lee Mount and is 478 above the sea level. III- Business and Industry of the Motion Pictures Birth During the early 1900's - 1910's, filmmakers began to move from Los Angeles to Hollywood especially because of the restrictions and taxes that were going on in L.A. Moreover, Hollywood showed an idealistic sunny weather with its 350 days on 365 days of sun and its various landscapes. [...]

[...] Just do it smartly. VII- FACTS ABOUT HOLLYWOOD The word Hollywood became so famous that other cinema industries adapted it to their country: ?Bollywood? (Bombay+ Hollywood); ?Nollywood? (Nigeria +Hollywood), ?Ghallywood? (Ghana+ Hollywood) , ?Chinawood? etc It exists a secondly city of Hollywood in the USA. But this one is located in Florida ?Hollywood Reality? is the name of the real estate industry that put the big letters on the Lee Mount. This action cost $ VIII- THE END Here is the end of our presentation. [...]

[...] The investigations are about murders infidelity, treason, jealousy and the fatalism. The Macabre film is pessimist. The first role was a second-class detective. This character looked impressed and the investigations make him meet many femmes fatales. These women can manipulate by the desire. This movie replaced the gangster movies but disappeared quickly. " Touch of Evil" in 1958 was the last macabre film. The 50's In the 50's the cinemascope appeared. It was a method of cinema on large screen by image compression in 1953. [...]

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